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Special reports

Energy impacts from the Port of Baltimore closure

The EIA has published an analysis reflecting on the energy impacts of the collapse of the Francis Scott Key Bridge, which has temporarily halted all shipping traffic from the Port of Baltimore.

BIMCO reports on Red Sea crisis

BIMCO has reported that an estimated 13% of world seaborne trade is under attack from Houthis and Somali pirates.


NYK holds dry bulk safety conference in Greece

NYK held its first Dry Bulk Safety Conference in Athens, Greece, on 25 January which was attended by 74 participants from 36 Greek shipowners and other companies involved in the dry bulk business.

Featured Article: A North American Forecast

Nikhil Kaitwade, Future Market Insights, India, examines the North American dry bulk market with a focus on the changing scenario, trends, challenges, and future outlook.

More Special reports news

‘The Dry Bulk World’ – Article Preview

Carlo Robiati, Alexandre Claude, Rachna Rana, Giorgos Gerakakis, and Steven Devery, DBX, review the current state of the dry bulk industry, provide some critical supply chain analysis, and emphasise the importance of data to paving the industry’s way forward.

Weathering The Storm

In the Summer 2022 issue of Dry Bulk Magazine Brendan Crowley and Shik Sundar, Sofar Ocean, USA, evaluate the importance of data in helping the dry bulk industry become more efficient, make better business decisions, and reduce emissions. This special report lists all the references contained within the article.

A Circular Economy In The Bag

In the Summer 2022 issue of Dry Bulk Magazine, Sigrid Eder-Ince, Starlinger & Co. GmbH, Austria, evaluates the importance of using recycled and recyclable big bags for dry bulk packaging. This special report lists all the references contained within the article.

The secret to storage solutions

Roger Horner, ABDIE Solutions, Scotland, provides an insight into expert solutions for handling poor flowing products that are liable to bridge if stored in vessels or silos of an incorrect design.