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Rail & barge

Rep. Denham awarded Railroad Achievement Award

The Railroad Achievement Award is given to members of Congress who have shown leadership on policies that help ensure the vitality of railroads in the US.


Update on Queensland's coal exports

In the midst of Aurizon's threat to halt the movement of coal, coal exports were reportedly higher this year compared to 2017 due to stronger global demand and the impact of Tropical Cyclone Debbie.


Aurizon “risks” record outlook for the resources sector

QRC believes a new Australian Government report highlights the risk of “potential capacity losses from proposed changes to the maintenance schedule of Aurizon, the rail network operator of the Central Queensland Coal Network.”


More Rail & barge news

Tangshan to shift movement of bulk commodities to rail by 2019

By the end of 2019, the Chinese steelmaking city of Tangshan has plans to end the movement of its bulk commodities by truck and instead shift the transportation of all of its iron ore and coal from ports to steel mills by rail.

Aurizon to co-operate with the QCA?

Aurizon should resume its normal maintenance programme and end the coal export impasse, says the Queensland Recourses Council.

CP strike ends

The strike by Canadian Pacific rail workers has ended after reaching a tentative agreement.