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The latest dry bulk news

Port of Antwerp and Port of Banjul sign MoU

On 24 May, Gambian President Adama Barrow visited the Port of Antwerp where both parties signed a MoU to examine how the ports can collaborate more closely in the future.

Star Bulk financial update

Star Bulk has announced a date for the release of its first quarter ended 31 March 2018 results, conference call and webcast.

Canadian reforms to assist movement of grains

The reforms are intended to help grains and other crops move more quickly to market after transport problems impacted both Canadian National Railway Co (CN) and smaller rival Canadian Pacific Railway Ltd (CP) during the winter.



Pacific Basin acquires four vessels

Pacific Basin purchases four dry bulk vessels for US$88.5 million that will be 50% funded by new shares issued to ship sellers.



Upcoming dry bulk events


TOC Europe

12 Jun 2018 - 14 Jun 2018


26 Jun 2018 - 28 Jun 2018
United Kingdom



I-Tech AB newest member of CSI

The developer of the barnacle-repelling antifouling ingredient Selektope® has become a member of the non-profit organisation Clean Shipping Index (CSI).

Through its membership, I-Tech AB will encourage environmentally responsible decisions around antifouling coating procurement to users of CSI’s holistic labeling system, which ranks the environmental performance of ships. I-Tech will seek to promote the benefits of choosing less environmentally impactful antifoulings and educate CSI users on the impact of coating types, such as those containing Selektope, on the ranking of ships under the labeling system.

CSI-ranked vessels are eligible for reduced fairway dues from the Swedish Maritime Administration (SMA) and reduced port fees at the ports of Brofjorden, PetroPort, Gothenburg, Vancouver, Prince Rupert and Gävle. The discount available is dictated by a ship’s CSI ranking. The cleaner the ship, the greater the financial incentive which creates a win-win situation for both the environment and business. For cargo owners and forwarders, the ranking system can also be used to select more sustainable shipping options.

As part of the CSI ranking process, a 25 part questionnaire covering the parameters of SOx, NOx, CO2, chemicals, water and waste and particulate matter is completed for each vessel. Ship owners must declare what type of coating is in situ on their vessel and points are allocated according to the environmental impact, with less environmentally impactful coatings receiving a greater number of points. The number of points received overall from declarations made on the questionnaire determine the vessel ranking and discounts available.

“CSI welcomes I-Tech’s commitment to a clean environment and reduction of the ecological footprint of shipping. We are proud to welcome them onboard as a member,” says Maarten Verdaasdonk, Project Manager of the Clean Shipping Index.

Philip Chaabane, CEO of I-Tech AB, says: “I-Tech AB joined the CSI in support of their vision to encourage ‘clean ships sailing in healthy seas’. Our membership of CSI is aligned with our company’s vision to support the transition to cleaner ships with reduced emissions. We are proud to be part of such an experienced and knowledgeable network in sustainable shipping.”

I-Tech’s unique antifouling technology Selektope is an organic, non-metal compound that, when added to marine coatings, works to prevent barnacle fouling by temporarily activating the swimming behavior of barnacle cyprid larvae, making it impossible for them to settle on a ship’s hull. Selektope is effective at extremely low concentrations, reducing the biocidal loading in the coating and resulting in ultra-low leaching into the marine environment. It also offers paint manufacturers the flexibility to boost copper-based paint formulations, either as a means of reducing the amount of copper required or replacing copper completely.

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