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Lutze Group conveyor services

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Dry Bulk,

If a company needs to install or exchange a conveyor belt, nowadays it is confronted with a wide range of possibilities. The amount of different rubber types, constructions, strengths, suppliers, brand names and standards can be overwhelming quickly.

Rubber qualities are encrypted in letters and abbreviations such as Y, X, W, Z, D, H, L, MOR, OR, G, OilGM, UHR, RMA1, FDA. As this list can be continued almost endlessly, it has become a big challenge for customers to choose the right belt for their installation.

As in many other businesses, the most expensive option is not always the best one, nor do the strongest or heaviest automatically have the longest lives. Because companies will often lack expertise in-house, the Lutze group has strengthened their ability to provide exactly this service. Experts will help to find the best fit for each installation.

To do this, Lutze offers its own line of rubber conveyor belts under the brand named LUCON. To provide the full range of possibilities, the company is in daily contact with production sites and laboratories, as well as independent labs and universities around the world, and the continuous testing is being provided by an internal laboratory.

Customers are supplied by two central stocks and 41 service locations. The most common constructions are available in Normal or oil and fat resistant quality on short notice: EP 400/3, EP 500/3, EP 630/4, EP 800/4, EP 1000/4 with rubber covers of 4:2, 5:2, 6:2 and 8:3 mm, in widths between 500 - 1400 mm, shipped with moulded or cut edges.

As well as smooth belts with fabric and steel cord reinforcement, the company also offers pipe, side wall, chevron and profiled belts, plaster board belts, feeder belts for wood sanding machines, filter belts and endlessly woven belts.

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