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September 2021

The Autumn issue features a variety of informative technical articles covering: conveyors, dust control, storage and silos, shiploaders, bulk carriers, and many more.

This month's front cover is brought to you by SCHADE Lagertechnik GmbH.

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A Story Of Bulk
Emily Hannah Stausbøll, BIMCO, Denmark, provides a dry bulk shipping market analysis, considering European grains, fleet news, and presenting an outlook for the coming years.

The Smaller The Better
Felipe Simian, Nachipa, Chile, explains why minor bulk cargoes are the future in a time where decarbonisation and green solutions are becoming increasingly important.

What’s In Your Sandwich?
Amy Duncan, Dos Santos International, USA, details a recent installation of a high-angle conveyor at a port to easily move materials for export.

Focus On The Drive, Not The Destination
Dr. Heinz-Peter Ehren, KUMERA Getriebe GmbH, Germany, describes how a customised gearbox solution can increase reliability and reduce energy costs.

A Misty Plume To Beat The Dust
Mike Lewis, BossTek, USA, details dust management in bulk material handling operations, specifically looking at atomised mist.

Following The Freight
Maria Bertzeletou, The Signal Group, Greece, provides a review of fundamentals for the main bulker ship sizes.

Can’t Stop The Cargo
Peter Hirthe, Great Lakes St. Lawrence Seaway Development Corporation, USA, details the binational maritime gateway and the technology utilised to keep cargo moving safely and reliably.

Always On The Move
Carl Donnelly, Telestack, Northern Ireland, explains how the launch of a new shiploading solution has opened up a host of mobile possibilities for those operations with a narrow jetty.

Leading The Charge
David Przednowek, CN, Canada, provides an overview of the evolution of the grain supply chain in western Canada.

Sustainable Silo Manufacturing
Fernando Luengo, Symaga, ASM South East Asia, explains how to improve the sustainability of silos, from producing and consuming renewable energy on-site, to storing renewable fuel feedstocks.

Don’t Jump To Assumptions
Bernard Serote (South Africa) and Bheki Nkomo (Kenya), Qnum, discuss how bulk stock surveyor assumptions can be responsible for compounding inventory shrinkage problems.

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