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September 2019

The Autumn issue includes a regional report exploring bulk trade in the Americas, as well as a commodity market review on China’s iron ore demand. The issue also features an array of technical articles on storage solutions, conveyors and dust control, port automation and bulk bagging.

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Bullish Sentiments On Bulk In The Americas
Rahul Sharan, Drewry, India, comments on bullish sentiments to keep dry bulk trade high in the Americas.

Swapping The Status Quo For A New World Order
Some in the shipping industry are taking the continuation of China’s iron ore demand for granted, but the evolution of the country’s economy will drive substantial change, writes Will Fray, Maritime Strategies International, UK.

Bagging On The Quayside
James Luther, Nectar Group, UK, reviews current trends and issues surrounding bulk handling in developing country ports.

Investing Internationally
Ana Escamilla, Symaga Silos, Spain, considers the results of investing in R&D on an international scale.

Two Of A Kind
Dorte Zacho Martinsen, BM Silo, Denmark, discusses two silo solutions for the storage of dry bulk materials, particularly for the agriculture and plastic sectors.

Put A Lid On Silo Over-Pressurisation
Nigel Allen, Hycontrol, UK, explains how a lack of competence in silo servicing and maintenance can exacerbate the safety risks associated with the over-pressurisation of storage silos, and outlines how these risks can be contained and neutralised.

Secure The Belt
Markus Luoma, Nepean Conveyors Oy, Finland, describes the importance of condition monitoring as a means to improve profitability in conveyor belt maintenance.

Linked By A Chain
Stephen Bowman, igus, inc., USA, describes how ports worldwide are connected through their uptake of the company’s energy chains, which have helped to minimise crane downtime in the loading of coal.

Staying Connected
Matteo Natali (Italy) and Kevin Humphreys (USA), Wärtsilä Marine, explain how digital solutions are changing the way shipping operates.

Making The Transition To Digital
David Trueman, TBA Group, UK, discusses the commercial and operational benefits that bulk terminal operators could derive from adopting a terminal operating system.

To Barge Or Not To Barge?
Kevin R. Peterson, Vortex Global, USA, highlights the advantages and disadvantages of barges.

75 And Proud
Fednav, Canada, provides a detailed history of the company’s development to mark its 75th anniversary.

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