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June 2021

The Summer issue is packed full of informative technical articles covering: bagging, packing & FIBCs, dust control, shiploading & unloading, storage & stockyards, and many more.

This month's front cover is brought to you by Bedeschi S.p.A.

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Calm After The Storm
Neil Godfrey, Group Commercial Director - Shipping, GAC Group, considers recent activity in the shipping industry and how to implement lessons learned from 2020.

Change Is Happening
Dirk Janssens, VIGAN, Belgium, discusses changing trends around the world and what they could mean for the bulk industry moving forward.

Bye Bye To Port Bottlenecks
Sanjeev Mathur, Bedeschi S.p.A., Italy, explains how the supply chain logistics of coal can be improved through offshore transhipment.

Inspect To Avoid The Unexpected
Dennis Blauser, Marietta Silos, USA, outlines how professional silo inspection and maintenance are fundamental for fiscally and socially responsible silo ownership.

Sounds Of Pure Cleanliness
James Swindlehurst, Primasonics, UK, explains how acoustic cleaners can help maintain maximum continuous material flow in many industrial processes including silos and hoppers.

Keep It On The Conveyor
David Fregez, Standard Industrie International, France, outlines how material losses and dust emissions can be reduced through the addition of conveyor belt accessories.

Dust Busters
Austin Anderson, Vortex Global, USA, discusses ways to address safety concerns surrounding dust in the workplace.

Check Out This Toolbox
Greg Bierie, Benetech, USA, discusses how cutting-edge conveyor technologies can improve safety, maintenance, and compliance for dry bulk material transport.

A New House For Dry Bulk
Jan de Wit, Managing Director, European Bulk Services B.V., the Netherlands, details the recent construction of a new covered storage facility in Rotterdam and its journey to operation.

Access To The Once Unaccessible
Ellie Langdon, Nectar Group Ltd, UK, describes how transport corridors can be opened through the use of quayside bagging.

The Trendiest Trends
Jörg Spiekermann, BEUMER Group, Germany, investigates what is on the minds of suppliers and how they react to the various issues in the sector, including digitalisation, recycled materials, and the increasing use of robots.

Tackling The Plastic Problem
Sigrid Eder-Ince and Reinhard Lechner, Starlinger & Co. GmbH, Austria, explain why FIBCs made from PET can help boost the circular economy as countries introduce more stringent legislation on plastic.

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