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June 2020

The Summer issue of Dry Bulk features a report from Future Market Insights on the impact of COVID-19 and cargo movement restrictions on dry bulk trade, and a Commodity Review on iron ore trade. It also features technical articles on storage, shiploading, barge & rail, dust control, stevedoring, a cover story from Bedeschi and more!

This month's front cover is brought to you by Bedeschi S.P.A.

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Sink Or Swim?
Alice Ajit Mutum, Future Market Insights, India, explores whether factors such as COVID-19, cargo movement restrictions and supply chain disruptions will help or hinder the dry bulk trade.

Ore Than Enough Capability
Anthony Fensom, freelance writer, Australia, gives insight into how Australian iron ore is expected to cope amidst the COVID-19 crisis.

Biomass Handling In The Netherlands
Nicholas Dechamps, VIGAN, Belgium, outlines examples of effective biomass shipunloading in the Netherlands.

Steps Towards Total Dust Control
Kevin Maloy, Richwood, USA, emphasises the importance of dust containment in all areas of bulk handling for reducing health risks.

A Spoonful Of Sugar Doesn’t Help The Dust Stay Down
Richard Posner, Dust Solutions Inc., USA, explores why respirable and visible dust are both important when considering dust generation in sugar processing.

Cutting Carbon Footprints
Zara Giles, Peel Ports, UK, explains why the port operator is bulking up its green credentials.

Bahia: On The Rails
Iron ore is seen as instrumental in the creation of an ambitious logistics corridor in Brazil’s northeastern region. Benedikt Sobotka, Eurasian Resources Group, Luxembourg, explains how the company is well-positioned to drive this process.

Train Of Thought
Geoff Lippitt, PD Ports, UK, gives insight into the growing importance of rail freight and explains how investing in this area can be beneficial.

Indian Ports’ Growing Rapport
Srinivasan Sethumadhavan and Sankar Narayanan, GAC Shipping, India, give a detailed overview of the current Indian port sector.

Transhipment In The UAE
Marco Bertorelle and Sanjeev Mathur, Bedeschi, Italy, outline the process behind an offshore transshipment project for Abu Dhabi Ports.

Fast Fibre Optic Sensing
Dave Grumney, Hawk Measurement Systems, Australia, considers the preventative potential of fibre optic sensing systems or conveyor belt-related loss of production.

Take Stock Of This
Matt Brownson, Ronin System Solutions, South Africa, highlights the importance of successful inventory management systems for businesses.

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