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December 2018

The Winter issue of Dry Bulk includes a Commodity Review on the significant changes affecting global coal production, as well as technical features on Enclosed Storage; Bagging & Packing; Dust Control, Bucket Elevators; Cargo Inspection, Testing & Sampling; Mobile Cranes & Port Equipment; and Port Automation & IT; Logistics Management.

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Old King Coal: In Decline But Far From Dead In The Water
Will Fray, Maritime Strategies International, UK, explores the seismic changes affecting global electricity generation and coal production, and the complex effects of these on the dry bulk shipping market.

Out Of The Dust
Rebecca Long Pyper, Dome Technology, USA, notes how dome storage is a worthy solution to the increased need to cover and protect coal piles from rain, dust and product degradation.

Leading The Pack
Graham Rawlings, Concetti, Italy, provides a case study on how the company’s new packaging solution is expected to increase the packing capacity of a construction and maintenance materials supplier in the UK.

Consider This
Jason Lesch, BossTek, USA, outlines the factors to consider when creating a dust control plan.

Elevating Your Options
Bucket elevators represent one of the most popular systems in use today for elevating bulk materials. Doug Anderson, Guttridge, UK, highlights the importance of tailoring elevators so as to meet production demands

Know Your Coal Quality
Mike Bryan, SGS Canada, details a number of ways that companies can monitor the quality of their coal to help eliminate penalties and maximise profit margins.

Up For Grabs
Roemer Braacx, Verstegen, the Netherlands, discusses the importance of grabs for coal handling.

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