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Mecore BV’s recycled wood chips used to process new wood products

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Dry Bulk,

Mecore BV, a provider of recycling solutions and energy facilities based on the Overslag Bedrijf Amsterdam (OBA) site, exports B-grade waste wood chips sourced from sorted construction and demolition waste and collected industrial waste. The quality of these materials previously only made them suitable for energy generation in biomass plants. By processing the waste materials further so they can be used to manufacture new chipboards, Mecore has created an effective recycling solution for large amounts of B-grade timber in the Amsterdam Metropolitan Area (AMA).

According to the company’s owner and director, Jack Jennissen, Mecore is a pioneer in the processing of B-grade timber for the first delivery under this contract.

“Whereas before we were only able to use higher quality waste wood (A-grade and A-B- grade), thanks to improved techniques and purchasing practices we can now also process B-grade wood into usable raw materials.”

This marks a great leap forward from a logistics point of view. “Since the Netherlands has no chipboard/MDF/HDF/OSB-producing industry, we always relied on road transport to the surrounding countries. The fact that it’s now loaded onto a ship immediately after it has been processed and the buyer has its own wharf facilities, road transport is kept to an absolute minimum.”

Since January 2019, Mecore has been using a section of the OBA site for wood chip exports, having reserved part of the coal processing site for this purpose. For OBA Bulk Terminal, these additional volumes form part of the further expansion if its operations; one of its stated goals is to increase the open transhipment of processed circular and recycling cargo flows. With demand for the transhipment of coal as input for power generation expected to decline, a gradual transition to a multi-purpose bulk terminal on OBA’s nearly 700 000 m2. industrial site in the western port area is one of the company’s key strategic objectives. This is also consistent with Port of Amsterdam’s policy to adopt more sustainable practices in the port.

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