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Grain cargo news


Global wheat market sees slight dip

According to CRM Agri, the wheat market experienced a volatile turn with US export data and Russian weather predictions affecting the outlook.


Russian weather lifts wheat prices

CRM Agri has reported that wheat prices are likely to increase after the USDA forecasted that wheat inventories will shrink.


Grain prices reverse early headway

CRM Agri has reported that in anticipation for rains in southern Russia, grain prices have reversed early headway and encouraged profit-taking.


AAR reports on rail traffic for April

The AAR has provided its report on US rail traffic for the week ending 27 April 2024 and the overall volumes for April 2024.


Russian weak markets affected by recent rains

According to CRM Agri, wheat futures have retreated as meteorologists forecast rains for southern Russia, easing dryness concerns which spurred the previous price jump.