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New RST foaming system to improve dust suppression in bulk handling

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Dry Bulk,

Leading fine particle specialists Reynolds Soil Technologies (RST), have developed a new, customisable mechanical foaming dispensing system for the application of their Hi-Foam technology product which controls dust with minimal moisture in bulk handling processes.

According to the international company, the mechanical foaming system enhances the Hi-Foam dust suppression solution through the controlled mixing of compressed air, water and the Hi-Foam formula. 

When the Hi-Foam solution is applied through the new system, it creates a robust foam that captures and engulfs fine particles in a ‘total dust blanket’ effect that prevents dust from becoming airborne. 

Three decades of industry experience exposed RST to a broad range of site issues, equipping engineers with a deep understanding of what products and applications are required for different site conditions – they tailor the product and the mechanical equipment for each site to ensure optimum performance is achieved. 

RST Operations and Technical Director, David Handel, said: “Each site installation of our foaming system is unique – we work with the site to understand their dust suppressant needs and design the application equipment for our product accordingly.”

“Our Hi-Foam foaming system is popular with conveying and crushing operations where moisture limitations on materials is critical, as the system effectively produces a dust supressing foam that treats large areas with minimal water and dosage requirements.”

“When applied, the foam wets dust particles to increase their weight, causing them to continue their journey through the conveying and crushing system without ever becoming airborne.”

“The way in which a product is applied to a site can significantly impact performance, that’s why being able to design and customise both the product and the application equipment allows us to ensure our clients experience the maximum benefits from our service,” he added.

Using a dosing feeder, the Hi-Foam foaming system is able to inject the additive directly into the system’s water line, allowing for the manual concentration adjustment of the solution. 

The air and water then mix in an expansion chamber capable of supplying a dust-suppressing foam to six dosing points introduced at specific stages in the crushing and conveying circuit. 

RST is committed to minimising the carbon footprint of its clients by developing and implementing technology that lowers the dosage requirements across the entire range of RST solutions while also providing fast and effective results.

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