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BEUMER Group supplies packaging lines for bulk goods

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If products from different industries are to reach dealers and customers in the best possible condition, they need to be safely filled, palletised, and packaged – yet every product has different properties. Most importantly, the packaging is subject to very stringent requirements. Some products from the chemical and petrochemical industries have high temperatures while filling or unusual flow characteristics, which means that filled bags have low dimensional stability. Building materials such as cement, mortar, and gypsum vary due to differing bulk densities and grain sizes. The BEUMER Group has supplied complete packaging lines that are matched to these requirements, along with intralogistics solutions – all from one single source.

When the BEUMER Group implements packaging lines, it may sometimes look like the following: bulk material from the chemical industry passes from the silo along a conveyor section to the BEUMER fillpac FFS (form fill seal) system. The high-efficiency system forms bags from a prefabricated tubular PE film and fills them with the customer’s engineering plastics, such as PE, PP, PA and PS. Salts or fertilizers can also be handled reliably and gently. The bags are weighed before filling. The BEUMER fillpac FFS is equipped with a calibratable electronic weighing unit for this purpose. It ensures that the system always fills each bag with the same quantity and meets the specified tolerances. After filling, the system seals the bags, which weigh as much as 25 kg each. The system can fill up to 2600 bags per hour. The BEUMER fillpac FFS has a robust design, ensuring long maintenance intervals. And its modular structure facilitates cleaning.

The systems provider offers BEUMER fillpac R to efficiently fill bulk materials like cement and construction materials in particular, but also other products, into bags. The systems in this series work reliably, gently, sustainably, and with the required throughput. This series also features a special weighing unit. Depending on the requirements and the material properties – such as bulk density, material density, flow behaviour, and grain size – the BEUMER Group offers the series as an air or a turbine filling machine. Air filling machines are suitable for filling granulated and coarse-grained products with particle sizes up to ten millimetres, while turbine filling machines are primarily used for free-flowing fine-grained products like cement and gypsum. Filling performance and efficiency can be increased even more when the system is used in conjunction with the BEUMER bag placer and ream magazine.

Stacked neatly and steadily onto the pallet

The bags are made of different materials like paper, PE, or PP, and come in various sizes and weights and in different versions (flat-valve bags or valve-bottom bags). After filling, they have to be evenly stacked on pallets to ensure stability. For this task, the systems provider offers BEUMER paletpac. This system can be installed quickly, is intuitive to use, provides easy access for maintenance, and can be flexibly adapted to different packing patterns. Depending on product requirements, BEUMER paletpac can be equipped with a clamp-type turning device or a twin-belt turning device for very gentle, fast, and precise positioning of the bags. The BEUMER Group offers BEUMER robotpac for palletizing cartons, boxes, canisters, and trays. This space-saving articulated robot is fully automated and reliably and efficiently handles even complex palletising and de-palletising tasks. For every packaged product, customers receive a suitable gripping system that is flexible and can be automatically replaced for different products.

Depending on the requirements, palletised products can safely stand in the loading area or, in the case of outside storage, they can be protected from dust, rain, and other weather conditions. With the proven high-capacity BEUMER stretch-hood packaging system, the BEUMER Group offers an efficient solution for all industries. This packaging machine is especially easy, intuitive, and safe to operate. The latest feature: The systems provider can now equip the BEUMER stretch hood A with easy-opening film. This new feature enables employees in retail stores and logistics centres to quickly and easily remove the film hood without a cutting tool when they are unpacking or repackaging goods. This significantly reduces the risk of injury and the amount of time involved. The BEUMER bag-in-bag is another new solution. It quickly and reliably packages filled paper bags individually or in groups with a weather-resistant plastic film. This protects the contents against moisture, dust, insects and other environmental influences during storage and transport. BEUMER equips all of the systems in a line with the same human-machine interface. This control unit gives employees an easy-to-understand and intuitive interaction concept that they can use to efficiently design workflows.

It goes one step further at the end of the packaging line: The system solutions from the BEUMER Group can forward the filled pallets to a connected warehouse for storage or directly to shipping. When it comes to components, the primary focus is on transport technologies like conveyors and vehicle-based systems. These go hand-in-hand with different handling solutions and manipulators such as robots, buffer, and storage modules. For these solutions, the BEUMER Group always provides a modular system, which makes it possible to expand the solutions at any time and enables them to grow with the customer’s needs.

Software from a modular kit

In order to achieve the best results and ensure consistent material and data tracking, the filling, palletising, packaging, and other system components need to be optimally coordinated. To meet this need, the BEUMER Group has designed the modular BG Software Suite as a higher-level data-processing system that can be individually tailored to specific tasks. This makes it possible to easily integrate even third-party products. Users can expand this solution at any time as needed and use it to optimize their material flows. BG Fusion, the cross-program user interface, displays process data and reports. All available data can be retrieved without having to switch between different applications.

The BEUMER Group Warehouse Control System module can be used to connect the Software Suite to the customer’s warehouse management or ERP solution via a network. With this approach, the BEUMER Group ensures communication between the different control levels. The full-service provider can intelligently link the individual systems and also integrate them into existing process control or merchandise management systems.

24/7 online control

The BEUMER Group has a brand-new addition: the BEUMER Overall Operation Monitoring app. The app shows the current status of availability, levels of performance and quality, and the consumption of energy and compressed air. This ensures efficient operations at all times.

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