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May 2024

The Summer 2024 issue of Dry Bulk is here! Kicking off with a Guest Comment on the impact of El Niño from BIMCO and a Regional Report from Signal Ocean on the role of geopolitical tensions in the dry bulk industry, this issue also covers: Conveying, Dust Control, Transshipments, Weighing Systems, the role of loadmasters, Rotor Sails, and Marine Lubricants.

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Guest Comment
Filipe Gouveia, BIMCO


Combatting Crisis
Maria Bertzeletou, Signal Ocean, offers an examination of the impact of ongoing geopolitical tensions on the intricate balance between dry bulk supply and demand.

Conveyor Dust In Ports
Daniel Marshall, Martin Engineering, details strategies which can be used to combat dust spillage and emissions.

Clearing The Air
Mike Lewis, BossTek, details the advantages of atomised mist technology for dust supression applications.

Tracing The Threads Of Transshipment
Alan Gilmore, Telestack Ltd, explores a range of designs and concepts that can meet the needs of transshipment applications globally.

Weighing The Options
Jonathan Sabo, Cardinal Scale, analyses two key weighing solutions which can be used in the dry bulk sector.

The Life Of Loadmasters
Paul Elsom, Peters & May, explains why loadmasters are vital to ensuring that shiploading operations run smoothly.

Setting Sail
Luke McEwen, Anemoi Marine Technologies, discusses why rotor sail technology is an ideal answer to the question of wind propulsion technology for bulk carrier vessels.

Lubricating The Engine Of Collaboration
Ayten Yavuz, Chevron Marine Lubricants, discusses the relevance of marine lubricants in assisting shipping’s navigation towards alternative fuels.

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