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May 2016

The Spring issue of Dry Bulk includes a regional report on India, a Keynote article on Global Commodity Demand giving insight into the challenges the dry bulk freight market faces, as well as Commodity Focus features on Grain & Agribulks, a Fertilizer Market Report and Grain Storage.

Technical features cover Shiploading & Unloading, Stockyards, Silos, Conveyor Engineering & Design and Level Management.

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World News

Keynote: Fraught Freight
Colin Hamilton, Macquarie Research, UK, gives an insight into the dry bulk freight market and the obsctacles it faces.

India’s Great Expectations
Jeffrey Landsberg, Managing Director, Commodore Research & Consultancy, USA, explains why it is unlikely that India will become an engine for robust growth in the dry bulk market.

Made In Russia: Putin vs GMOs
Thomas Houghton, Platts, UK, analyses the implications of Russia’s anti-GMO stance.

A Significant Impact
Ben Farey, CRU, UK, considers the impact of China on the global markets for fertilizer feedstocks.

Down To The Last Grain
Gary Woodruff, GSI (Grain Systems Inc.), USA, recommends practices to maintain proper moisture content and temperature in order to protect the quality of stored grain.

Port Visit: Port of Immingham
Harleigh Hobbs visited ABP’s Port of Immingham to discover how its dry bulk facility has developed over the years.

Ports & Terminals Review 2016
Dry Bulk reviews major project news from dry bulk ports and terminals around the world.

Shiploading: Mechanical Or Pneumatic?
Vincent van der Wijk, Bühler AG, Switzerland.

No Assembly Required
Andrea Prevedello, Bedeschi Spa, Italy.

Talkin’ ‘bout A Revolution
Johnny Medranda, RAM Spreader, South America.

On The Safe Side
Karl Woodhouse, SAMSON Materials Handling Ltd, UK.

Extending Component Life: Is It Possible?
Oxifree Global.

When To Measure
Simone Hadraschek, UWT, Germany.

Under The Dome
Rebecca Pyper, Dome Technology, USA.

What’s In Store?
Tim Staniszewski, Triodetic, Canada.

Raising Regulations, Raising Questions
Derek Schussele, Dust Control Technology, USA.

London Calling
Jonathan Rowland visited Cemex’s new wharf and aggregates processing plant in Dagenham, UK.

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