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March 2020

The Spring 2020 issue includes a regional report on the dry bulk industry in the Americas, as well as a commodity review of the global grain market. The issue also features an array of technical articles on storage solutions, bagging & packing, bulker maintenance, conveyors, port equipment and more!


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Bright But Bumpy
Diksha Goel, Drewry, India, gives a forward-thinking overview of the dry bulk shipping industry in the Americas.

Against The Grain
ValŽrie Veriter, VIGAN, Belgium, gives insight into pneumatic shipunloaders in Germany.

Slide Away From Tradition
Vikki Campbell, Agriculture & Horticulture Development Board, UK, presents a view of the global grain market and the factors that will influence it in 2020.

The Parts Of A Whole
Lodovico Bernardi, Bedeschi, Italy, divulges details on how indivudual parts help shiploading and unloading projects around the world.

No Grain, No Gain
Austin Anderson, Vortex Global, USA, recognises the benefits of using the right loading spouts for grain shiploading and their overall importance in the global shipping industry.

The Art Of Smart Tech
Alyssa Stevens, Stockpile Reports, USA, explains how smartphone technology is changing the way the aggregate industry operates.

Magic Fabric
Paul Smith, Legacy Building Solutions, USA, presents five dry bulk storage challenges that can be solved with fabric structures.

How Low Costs Can Make You Pay
Neil Kinder, Kinder, Australia, discusses the safety risks and profitability limitations for materials handling operators of using low-cost conveyor equipment.

Perfecting Pulley Performance
Jeff Poe, PPI, USA, provides insight into conveyor pulley maintenance and having a spares reduction plan.

Lightening The Load
Guido Schuler, Reel Alesa AG, Switzerland, explains how an improved shipunloader design can help increase efficiency and reduce costs.

An Integrated Web
Ben Bonte, Alewijnse, the Netherlands, provides insight into the role of electrical integrators in vessel maintenance.

Below The Surface
Philip Chaabane, I-Tech, Sweden, explores the options available to help equip bulkers against the escalating global biofouling problem.

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