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AUMUND receives repeat orders from US gypsum sector

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Dry Bulk,

Over the past 18 months, AUMUND has won orders for a variety of specialised conveying solutions at three National Gypsum Company (NGC) production sites in the US.

The series of orders kicked off with four identical CENTREX® silo discharge machines for FGD gypsum supplied to the Baltimore works in 2016. The order for two Samson® material feeders 1600 Series at the Shippingport site, Pennsylvania followed in early 2017, and most recently, no less than four Samson Feeders and an AMUMUND Apron Feeder type BPB were ordered for National Gypsum’s Apollo Beach plant in Florida, as part of a sophisticated new reception line for natural gypsum.

The four AUMUND CENTREX CTX-AFD type were supplied as drop-in replacements for their predecessors that had been in operation in Baltimore, Maryland, for about 20 years, since being supplied by LOUISE Fördertechnik (before this company was acquired by AUMUND). The discharge rate of these units is 45 tph each, and many of the spare parts in the customer’s warehouse can be reused for the new machines.

The US produces more gypsum wallboard than any other country. NGC is one of the largest gypsum board producers in the world and the second largest producer in the US. The company has 17 operating gypsum board plants strategically located near metropolitan areas. One of the newest, Shippingport, Pennsylvania, needed a truck reception system for natural gypsum, and ordered two AUMUND Samson® material feeders, each 17.1 m long and with a capacity of 400 tph, as an ideal solution to receive natural gypsum from rear-tipping trucks.

NGC operates the largest gypsum quarry in the world, located outside Halifax, Nova Scotia. From here, natural gypsum will soon also be supplied to the Apollo Beach Florida site, as its current supply of FGD gypsum will cease when the neighbouring power plant no longer produces this byproduct, after converting to natural gas.

On arrival of the gypsum at the plant, two Samson material feeders MF-800 series will receive the material at a capacity of 450 tph before transferring it for stockpiling. A dozer will then reclaim the material onto the 6 m-long AUMUND Apron feeder type BPB-250, with a capacity of 250 tph, where it will feed into a crusher. The crushed gypsum will be received by the two 1600 series Samson material feeders and will subsequently be fed onward into the manufacturing process. All four Samson Feeders being supplied to Apollo Beach are 13.3 m long.

“With the engineering and most of the equipment supply coming from AUMUND Fördertechnik in Germany, we look forward to further strengthening our partnership with the flourishing US gypsum industry,” said Jason Birnbaum, Project Engineer at AUMUND Corp.

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