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Global Grain Asia 2020

Global Grain Asia 2020

09 March 2020 - 11 March 2020


Global Grain Asia is the biggest annual meeting in Asia for the grain trade and a great place for you to get real-time market intelligence and do business face-to-face. The industry is going through unprecedented times and now is more vital than ever for you to stay informed and connected.

The only event connecting over 300 professionals in the heart of the APAC regions grain and oilseeds trading community. You will join flour and feed millers, traders and producers, as well as the finance, shipping, legal and technology specialists who support them.

At this year's event, you will get clarity on:
  • The status of the Chinese grain market.
  • The impact of African Swine Fever.
  • The trade flow changes caused by protectionism.
  • The potential effects of the plant-based market.

Speakers include:

  • Kunal Kundaje, Global Head Wheat Trading, Olam.
  • Cornelia Soetkamto, Supply Chain General Manager, Bungasari Flour Mills.
  • Mark Torrens, Strategic Sourcing Director, Mars Petcare.
  • Wladimir Blanckaert, Deputy CEO South East Asia, LDC.
  • Sanjay Sethi, Director Sustainability, Phoenix.
  • Josef Schmidhuber – Deputy Director, FAO.
  • Jeffrey McPike, Manager Global Marketing, McDonald Pelz.
  • Thomas Deevy, Risk Manager, Cerealcom Dolj.
  • Qi Chiming, Analyst, Decision Consulting Department, National Grain & Oilseed Information Centre, China's National Food & Strategic Reserves Administration.
  • Juhui Huang, Vice President of Corporate Affairs, Greater China, BRF Asia.